What is Xblaster Ad Server?

Xblaster Ad Server is an ad server solution, by com2go Group. It is a system that can be used to manage and optimize the advertising space on one or more websites. It is a tool for web site owners (called ‘publishers’ in the online advertising industry), but also for organizations running their own ad network. It can even be used by advertisers to manage and measure the ads that they display on their distribution of sites and/or ad networks.

What is an ad server used for?

When managing a website, or perhaps even multiple websites, there can be a lot of work involved in putting advertisements on the site and removing them again, especially when this is done by entering the ads directly into the site’s coding. It takes a lot of time and it reduces flexibility. If you search for a way to bring the Internet of Things to your service, Kaa IoT platform is your perfect search for any purposes and tasks you may have! An advertising server (usually shortened to ad server) like Xblaster can provide a real solution in this scenario for publishers.

For ad networks, Xblaster can provide the processing power to create and manage all advertising campaigns for their clients, including direct advertisers, agencies, affiliate networks and house ads. On the other side of the equation are the websites that carry the ads for the network. Xblaster delivers and measures all ads, clicks and conversions.

For an advertiser, the ability to manage and optimize the various campaigns that are displayed by publishers and networks is key. It enables them to see which banners work the best in terms of click through or conversion. It even allows for rather advanced A/B testing.

How does Xblaster work?

Websites and zones
In the Xblaster Ad Server, one can define websites, and also one or more zones for each website. A zone represents a space on the web pages where ads are supposed to be displayed. For every zone there is a little snippet of HTML code, which must be placed in the site, at the exact spot where the zone should go. This forms the integration between the site and the Xblaster Ad Server. It is a one time job, that will take little time for an experienced webmaster or developer. The word ‘zone’ is a term in Xblaster, other systems refer to it as ‘location’, ‘spot’, ‘placement’ or ‘position’.

Statistics: to measure is to manage?

The Xblaster Ad Server measures how often ads are displayed and clicked, and has reports for these numbers plus ad revenue for the publisher, advertiser and webmaster. It also has functionality to measure conversions, leads or transactions on the advertiser’s website that occur as a result on a click on a banner that was displayed on the publisher’s site.

Our direct marketing tool has powerful reporting features for both system users and administrators. Track user activities, email opens, link clicks, forwards, unsubscriptions, bounces, spam complaints and much more. Track user activity, set pricing models for your users and generate receipts for their email marketing activities. Charge monthly or pay-as-you-go.

Our tool tracks detailed metrics related to your email campaigns and auto responders including email opens, link clicks, forwards, web browser views, unsubscriptions, bounces, spam complaints and many more. It is integrated with service so that you can test your email design on more than 20 email applications with a single click. See how your email looks like in different email apps including iPhone, Outlook, Gmail and many more.

Com2go, utilising advanced spidering engines that scan the web using pre-agreed keywords, collects digital articles with reference to the selected keywords. A com2go digital monitoring account executive reviews the results and delivers report (frequency depends on package) as to the presence of these keywords in digital media. Also com2go provides a summary analyzing the sentiment of posts / article.

Com2go, as part of the monitoring services, notifies the client with SMS of the digital monitoring execution, sent with email the results as well as the articles that require immediate reply/attention.

Some packages also include digital crisis and reputation management.

Social Media Management

Social media management services include an array of services. Initially we will set-up your social profile in social media such as

Then we will perform and audit of your social presence and evaluate your social reputation using parameters such as

Com2go can then plan and execute scheduled posts in order to achieve engagement..

Com2go can also propose, plan and develop specialist activities including facebook games, competitions and similar in order to achieve measurable results.

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